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Download our AVI to MP4 converter. In this instance we provide an excellent Mac OS X & Windows tool – WALTR, which has recently revolutionized the way we convert AVI movies to MP4 for iPads and iPhones. AVI (Audio Video Interleave) is also a multimedia container format as part of its Video for Windows tech introduced by Microsoft in 1992 in reprisal for the MOV file format, developed by Apple computers. AVI files can contain both audio and video data in a file container able to support synchronous audio-with-video playback. AVI Downloader - Directly Download Online Videos to AVI Format on Mac (High Sier If you want to download online videos and convert them to AVI, then an AVI downloader is what you've been looking for. By downloading videos to AVI format, you can play your downloaded Internet videos with most media players on your computer, and on any AVI. Once your download is finished, open and use it. Run the player on your Mac. It is very easy to play the videos. You can choose one of the convenient ways to add the AVI files to Elmedia Player library. ★ Drop the AVI file or files to the app window or onto its icon in the Dock. AVI files are a common format for files that combine audio and video files. These are files that have been compressed and decompressed when they are put together. As a result, they can only be played in a video player software that contains the proper code to read the file.


We are answering the most frequent questions on how to open AVI on Mac here:

AVI files use less compression and consume more space compared to MPEG and MOV formats. At times you do not need compression to create AVI files, which makes them lossless, resulting in large file sizes. However, AVI files retain their quality for a long time and do not require codecs to play.

Try Elmedia Player. Perhaps the easiest and most reliable way to play AVI files on MacOS is to install Elmedia Player on your computer.

  • Run the Elmedia Player on your Mac.
  • Choose how to add AVI files to your Elmedia Player library.
  • Drop the files to the Elmedia Player window or its icon in the Dock.
  • Right-click the AVI file in the Finder and choose 'Open With'. Select Elmedia Player as the application to open the file.
  • Choose 'File' in the menu then 'Open'.
  • Enjoy!

Elmedia Player PRO has proved to be the best AVI player for Mac. It is adaptable and doesn’t need codec packs to play AVI files on Mac. It also allows you to download various AVI files and stream them to different screens, including Apple TV, Chromecast, smart TV, DLNA, or AirPlay devices. This player also serves as the receiver when streaming from other devices. With Elmedia Player PRO, you will enjoy various playback settings, download subtitles, take screenshots and convert the video into different screenshots.

MOV is the best choice for Mac users.

  • MOV was developed by Apple for Mac’s QuickTime. AVI was created by Microsoft for Windows Media Player.
  • AVI is quite old and has already been replaced by Microsoft’s WMV format.
  • AVI doesn’t support MP4 codecs but MOV does.
  • AVI has some of the progressive capabilities found in MOV.
  • MOV contains subtitles in it while AVI doesn’t.
  • AVI is more popular than MOV.

Convert AVI to MP4 for playback on your iPad in a quick way! There’s a simple solution that allows you to convert AVI to MP4 on Mac or Windows in a few steps.

You might have come up against a brick wall trying to discover if it is possible to convert AVI to MP4 to play on the iPad. Some web sources say there’s no way to achieve this; others reckon by converting the files, it’s possible but only, whilst others suggest that there’s a need for a specific app that costs tons of money.

Will there be a definitive solution to easily convert AVI to Mp4 and even transfer movies that are in AVI format (or MKV) right away, straight into iPhone or iPad native Video app?

Yes, because we know that playing non-Apple-approved media formats is a continuous source of aggravation for iPad owners.

How to Convert AVI to MP4 on a Mac & Windows:

The app, which is introduced in this article will convert AVI to MP4 on Mac and Windows in 3 Steps. This is the same utility that transfers any file type to Apple devices bypassing iTunes. Be sure to watch this video showcasing this AVI to MP4 Converter in action:

Step 1. Download our AVI to MP4 converter.

In this instance, we provide an excellent Mac OS X & Windows tool – WALTR, which has recently revolutionized the way we convert AVI movies to MP4 for iPads and iPhones.

The app allows you to transfer AVI files directly to your iPad without having to worry about which format to choose for converting such as MP4. The best thing is, they appear in your native Videos app without syncing via iTunes. At first, install it & connect your device.

Step 2. Drag your AVI files into the AVI to MP4 converter.

You will now see a window that will ask you to drop the desired AVI files you want on your iPad. Locate any movie or video in any format and drop it into the window. The tool already knows what the best settings are and will automatically convert AVI to MP4 for proper playback.

Step 3. DONE. View AVI in MP4 format on your iPad.

The conversion from AVI to Mp4 on Mac is done automatically thanks to WALTR and you no longer need to worry about putting the files into your iTunes after converting movies from AVI to MP4 to sync them to iPad.

So go ahead, open your Videos. app and locate the movie you just transferred.

FYI, WALTR automatically recognizes the movie, TV shows, music you transfer and fills in all the cool details about the movie like the genre, plot description and more. For example, this is how it will look like on your iPad:

Overview of WALTR 2 Features

WALTR 2 will do the dirty work of picking up the best format and settings for your movie to play natively on iPad or iPhone:

  • AVI to MP4 conversion will be almost instantaneous thanks to our new technology.

  • Convert AVI videos to native MP4 formats for iPad, iPhone & iPod via WIFi (experimental)

  • You transfer put all the hottest music into the legacy iPods, starting from iPod Classic released 15 years ago

  • Capable to convert majority of video formats, etc, including AVI, MP4, MOV, MKV and upload them straight into your iPad or iPhone.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. WALTR 2 can do so MUCH MORE:

  • WALTR 2 adds support for ePUB & PDF files and sends them directly to your iBooks app

  • Because of built-in smart recognition technology your audiobooks in M4B go to your iBooks app just the same

It takes 17 seconds to download WALTR and take the suck out of converting AVI to MP4 on Mac or Windows for proper playback on iPad.

It can also transfer .mkv to iPad or iPhone without having to convert the files before-hand, and many other formats not native to the iPad or iPhone, but one of the most useful features is that your can play MKV on iPad straight from your native Videos app. This makes it incredibly easy to transfer media files from your Mac/PC to the iPad.

In fact, a lot of high definition videos downloaded in the internet are wrapped up in AVI containers. And they may play on Windows or Mac computers by means of a media player or Quicktime. But you’ll certainly stumble if there’s a need to attempt to import them to iTunes for easy syncing.

How to Put AVI on iPad Wirelessly

Though it’s still experimental, WALTR 2 makes it possible to put AVI movies on iPhone/iPad over the air. Ironically, to enable WIFI sync, you still have to connect your device with the help of a cable.

Then in the bottom right corner, click on gear. You’ll see a pop-up window right there, so check ‘Enable WIFI Connectivity’ and they you may unplug your iPhone or iPad.

Once your device is connected to the same WiFi network, WALTR 2 will see & recognize it at once. In addition, the transferring speed will stay as fast as always.

Bottom Line

Sample avi files for download

Avi Player For Mac

In conclusion, iTunes is really picky about the type of formats may be imported into it. And in fact, only several media formats are supported by iTunes, including MP4 and MOV.

That means you will need to convert AVI to MP4 or to other iTunes-compatible formats for syncing across multiple devices easily. BUT, do you really need this when it’s 2020?

Avi Converter Free Download For Mac

We want you to try a hassle-free way to put a high-quality movie that is in AVI format without worrying about 3rd party software. Forget worrying about how to convert AVI files to MP4 just to get them to play on your iPad!

Avi Free Download For Mac

What if there was an app that lets you sync AVI to iPad directly using a Mac or Windows – WITHOUT converting .avi files to compatible apple format. There is… and the name of this app is WALTR.