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After using AppZapper, I feel it should be a default feature of Mac but anyhow this is one cool Application manager and uninstaller for your Mac OS, which you would like to have right now.The app costs only $12.95 but before that you can download it for free and get a feel of this useful Mac app. If you're new to the Mac, the Mac App Store is going to become one of your best friends. Macs come with free, pre-installed software that helps you surf the web, create great-looking documents, edit photos and videos, listen to music, and more.


Drag. Drop. Zap!

Feb 28, 2012  Answer now (If I buy OS X Lion in the us store will the redeem code work in New Zealand will I be able to download it) 1 Answer (If I buy OS X Lion in the us store will the redeem code work in New Zealand will I be able to download it).

Everybody loves the drag and drop nature of OS X. Drag an app into your applications folder, and it's installed. You'd think it would be that easy to delete an app — just a matter of dragging it to the trash. It's not. Apps install support files that generate clutter. Introducing AppZapper. Simply drag one or more apps onto AppZapper. Then, watch as it finds the extra files and lets you delete them with one click. Zap!

Hit List

Introducing Hit List. Show your apps who's boss.

Hit List is a brand new feature that allows you to visually browse all of the apps on your computer. Search, scroll, and filter your way through every app you have installed. Simply select an app to see its related files, and hit 'Zap!' to move them to the trash instantly.

My Apps

Meet My Apps. Start playing for keeps.

We love how AppZapper takes care of all the apps you don't want. But what about the keepers? My Apps is a beautiful, new way of storing license and registration information for applications you've purchased, right inside AppZapper.

Simply drag an app into My Apps to create a new card for it. Click the card to flip it over and enter all of your purchase details. You can freely organize and sort through your cards, and everything is saved in AppZapper – so it's there when you need it. If you ever collected trading cards as a kid, you'll be right at home here.


Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to your most common questions and concerns. Scroll down if you want to contact us.

Q. Can you send / re-send my License / Serial?

A. We get several emails daily from people who don't receive their license. Please check your spam / bulk folder. Add [email protected] to your address book. Allow at least an hour to receive it.

Q. Can I get a previous verion since I haven't upgraded yet to Sierra

A. Yes. AppZapper 2.0

Q. I get a warning about Unidentified Developers. Is AppZapper safe? What do I do?

A. As of Mountain Lion, Apple released the Mac App Store and a safety feature called Gate Keeper. Developers like AppZapper who released software prior to this may not have gotten onboard with this program. It doesn't mean it's dangerous. Read more...

Q. I purchased AppZapper, where's my serial number?

A. Make sure you check your spam or junk mail folder, as the registration email may have ended up there.

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Q. I own a previous version, how much is an upgrade to 2?

A. If you own 1.x the upgrade is free. Use check for updates in the AppZapper menu and be running OS 10.6.2.