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DiskStation Manager; File Sharing. DSM provides fast and secure ways to share your critical digital assets. With File Station, you can share files on your Synology NAS to anyone, and customize access permissions for optimal security. Download File Sharing & Peer to Peer - Software for Mac. Download uTorrent, Transmission, eMule and more.

DSM provides fast and secure ways to share your critical digital assets. With File Station, you can share files on your Synology NAS to anyone, and customize access permissions for optimal security. File Station makes it easy to share files across multiple platforms — whether it's Windows®, macOS®, and Linux® computers or mobile devices.

File Station

Your versatile file manager

Share files easily and safely

With one link, you can share files or request file uploads from others. This customizable link allows you share it to specific users, set a password, and specify its validity period.

Access files from anywhere

Explore and organize files using a mobile phone or tablet (Android, iOS and Windows Phone support). Files can even upload to your DiskStation or download to your devices directly.

Centralize file access

With remote folders and public cloud storage (Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive) mounted to File Station, you can access all remote data as if stored locally.

Windows®, macOS® & Linux®

DSM comes with comprehensive support of networking protocols — FTP, SMB2, SMB3 (encrypted), AFP, NFS, and WebDAV — and provides seamless file sharing across Windows®, macOS®, and Linux® platforms.
The Recycle Bin feature supported on AFP, SMB, File Station, and WebDAV, allows you to flexibly decide when to permanently remove the files, according to the different rules.


macOS Finder Integration

With the in-depth integration of macOS Finder, you can use Finder to quickly search the content of indexed documents, photos, and more within mounted folders on your Synology NAS.

Presto File Server

Presto File Server transfers massive files through long distance in high-speed by making the best use of your purchased bandwidth, transforming your Synology NAS to a speedy file transfer portal. Learn more

  • The SITA technology ensures maximum usage of Internet bandwidth by minimizing the impact high latency and packet loss rate have on file transfer.
  • Presto protects your credentials with TLS/TCP and secures file transfer with AES-128 encryption.
  • Presto features intuitive user experience with full support of Windows, macOS, and Linux platforms.


All businesses nowadays face a high demand for fast, global, and stable file exchange with customers and work partners. DSM is your ideal file server solution that provides unified support of FTP, WebDAV, CalDAV, and CardDAV services.


  1. Universal Search is not supported on NVR216 and EDS14.
  2. See Universal Search help.

If you use both a Mac and a Windows PC in your home, you might sometimes want to share files between them. Whether its photos, music, or documents, it's actually fairly easy to set up file sharing between macOS and Windows so long as the two machines are on the same network. With just a few clicks, your Mac and PC can be talking to one another and swapping files. You don't need any additional software, because everything is built into your Mac.

Here's how to switch on file sharing between your Mac and PC.

How to share files between a Mac and a PC

  1. Open System Preferences on your Mac.
  2. Click Sharing.

  3. Click the checkbox next to File Sharing.
  4. Click Options…

  5. Click on the checkbox for the user account you'd like to share with a Windows machine under Windows Files Sharing. You might be asked to enter a password.
  6. Click Done.

Once you've done all this, you'll be able to share files with your Windows PC while you're on your shared local network. You'll find any PCs on your network in the sidebar of any Finder window.


If you have any questions about sharing files between Macs and PCs, lets us know in the comments.

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Free File-sharing For Mac Osx

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