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Poor customer service Has error message and customer service is no help at all...deemed ticket solved and was response after e mailing them again. Don't get this game you will lose money!!!

How to use Fish with Attitude for PC and MAC

  1. Download Fish with Attitude for Windows 10. A Free Sport game for Windows, by Crowdstar Inc.
  2. Fish with Attitude - From the Makers of Happy Aquarium - offers free. software downloads for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android computers and mobile devices.
  3. Download Fish with Attitude for Windows 8.. EA SPORTS Cricket. Take control of your direction, power and timing in the digital version of the popular sports game.
  4. Fish with Attitude - Download Notice. Using Fish with Attitude Free Download crack, warez, password, serial numbers, torrent, keygen, registration codes, key generators is illegal and your business could subject you to lawsuits and leave your operating systems without patches.

Fish with attitude free download - Fish with Attitude, Fish with Attitude for Windows 8, Fish With Attitude for Windows 10, and many more programs. Best Video Software for the Mac How To Run.

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  • Download Bluestacks from this link.
  • Install BlueStacks from installation file with following the on-screen instructions.
  • Once Bluestacks is installed add your Google account in it.
  • Type Fish with Attitude in Search bar and install it.
Now you can use Fish with Attitude on your PC or MAC.

Android means your not important!! Great game but with android you get 5 less tanks than apple customers and no LE's either. MAKE IT THE SAME FOR ALL PLATFORMS PLEASE !!

Mmmm The bugs aren't fixed.... I can't touch items an move or sell them... The game closes on its own.... I have 9 tanks now just stuck.... Please fix

Fish With Attitude Download

Ok Cool game but it gave me an error that says 'strange activities has been going in and it is being reported' and now I cannot play it at all.

Ah no updates? What's with the no updates? By now we should have more tanks and possibly more stuff to do than dig for basically garbage.

Great! But has kinks I love this game! Its so cute and you gota work on putting the right group of personalities that get along in the right tanks. Put the wrong 2 together and you'll have Siamese fighting fish! Lol My complaint with the game is there needs to be an edit mode for the decorations. So frustrating trying to select a hiding fish and unwitingly moving decorations! And right when I had them just the way I liked them:( Also must the tanks be so pricey? I've been waiting 2 days to have enough coin for my 3rd tank.

Meh.. I played this game on my dads phone then decided to install it on my own, but it never opens up. This makes me so sad because its such a cute fun game that really wanted to play!

Don't download without Apple device Once android gets same access as apple it will be a five star game. Otherwise it is incomplete.

Crashing So this is the third time I have gotten the error or suspicious activity i know why I'm getting this because my phone dies when I play and I have to uninstall and reinstall I love the game but that is unfair like the 5 less tanks and the limited fish but if you download the breeders guide it shows all limited and higher bred fish angle fish and higher don't use the guide it shouldn't be for Android

I have the HTC one sv, everytime I click the app it loads then closes down completely. I LOVE this game and would enjoy playing it some more

Lazy Don't even bother getting this game the developers don't bother updating on android and you get 10 less tanks on android, its fun but once you use all the tanks it is done, so no updates,lazy developers,less content= don't even bother with this game and if your looking for a game you wont get bored of and want a game with alot of original content and additional update content then just skip over this game I hope the developers see this, maybe it will be a wake up call.

NOT HAPPY I love love love this game then i was on level 17 with 7 tanks... tons of pearls coins and over 40 fish... 5 of my tanks were 5 star and had 3-4 rare fish and had to reload game and IT IS ALL GONE!!!! I EVEN RELOGGED INTO FACEBOOK AND NOTHING. I USE TO LOVE THIS GAME and NOW IM SAD... let alone its on android with lesser items... Less Fish and less tanks. I even paid money for items...please fix. Please.

BIG ISSUES/BUGS!!! Taking another star away until ALL issues/bugs are fixed!!! I enjoy playing but can't do anything but dig in my own tanks and breed!!! Need friends to really enjoy playing the game. Seems like none of my friends on Facebook play this game. :( There should be more you can do than just dig and breed fish, especially if you can't go visit other tanks!!! I have daughters that play but we can't even connect to each others tanks even though we play thru FB!!!! :( Please fix the issues soon!!!

Had to Change My Rating I had originally rated this game at 4 stars. But now I have changed it bc I am having way too many issues with it. It will not let me do in app purchases. It also crashes on me. And I have been trying so hard for the last 4 hours to report a bug or get some kind of help, & I have had absolutely no luck. So this was my only other option. To change my rating. Hope you fix these issues soon.

Fishy Seriously u couldnt rate this game any lower than 5 STARS I wouldnt normally play a game all day but this I would u would be crazy if you didnt try this and the great thing is u dont have to be FISHY MAD! Everybody would achely like this game no matter what your like! I rate alot but ive never rated anything this good and I have millions of games its awsome. I just read every single review the only reason half of u are rating it 1-2 stars is cuz u arent good at it and theres no bugs whoever said there is?

Too many bugs.. Loved this game, played it several times a day but now I can't get on and have been trying to get answers from support for days...feels like the only option is to uninstall and loose ALL the progress I've made, which really sucks...I'd suggest backing up the game if your going to play.

I really like it but... I wish it would show what egg the fish would make if you already have that 1. It's a waist of time and coins to hatch the same fish over and over. I'm losing interest because of this.

My fishes in the second breeding tank have finished breeding but as i click for them to lay the egg the game hangs and shuts down otherwise it works good .....please help.......will my problem be fixed i have been waiting for the last 6 days....and its getting very boring and have deleted the game also

Abandoned it seems This company seems to only focus on updating the iPhone version of this game with new content. Don't bother with this if you are looking for a game willing to grow.

Ok I would add 1 star if there weren't any bugs or viruses and its taking forever to load,ugh

Was great but.... Was a great and fun game until. said suspicious activity was reported. Every time I try to play it completely shuts down my phone. That is the weirdest . Please fix this .


Well... Could you plz change editing your tank? When your tank gets really full of decorations, I start accidentally moving things around. Plz add, maybe, a lock for them? I don't know. Also, I think there should be storage and swapping things out, not just the option of having it in the tank or not having it. Also, the whole decorations giving different percentages of help towards you fish being happy - why can't we just decorate with what we like? I'm sure you can find a way to make that happen. Also, there should be some sort of 'encyclopedia' or something other than the store that gives info after you have a fish of a certain kind, so you don't have to have both the normal and the rare fish if you don't want, and can help you with breeding, ect.. Also, what is the reason for unique fish anyway?

This game is amazing, I love it to death. The only problem is that every time I try and open it, it says connection error. It has been doing this for about a week now. And I know for sure that it is the game and not my wifi.

All bugs are NOT fixed! This game is fun. But yes my droid compared to the Apple is not the same at all, and now every time I try to lay an egg for the past two days. It's says'fish with attitude has stopped' and wants me to send a report. Which I have done. But now I'm just stuck in the same place. Why is there no help??? If I could give negative stars I would .

Crashes to much You guys need to fix this ASAP. I've been trying to feed my fish & hatch my egg but it just crashes . And no way am I going to uninstall the app . I have too many fishes & coins to loose.

!! PLS FIX !! Android and iphones cannot play together! This game is glitchy as it stops loading at the mid section of the game. Also, I've introduced this game to my friend who is an apple user and the last time i checked it's from crowdstar inc too! We cant connect to facebook and invite each other and play together. Hopefully we can. PLEASe FIX THIS. Looking forward to the next update :)

OMG seriously Great game but I completely froze when I played it for like 5 minutes and I couldn't get out of the game or even turn it off.has to take the some off to turn it off.this is pissing me off -.-

Horrible!! Loved this game. Until I had to factory reset my phone and lost everything! Even after connecting with facebook. No response from crowdstar. Must step the game up in customer service aspect. Will still play but will never invest my hard earned money into this game again!!

Addicting!! Love this game! BUT- PLEASE FIX!!! I hate that when you try to flip an item or sale an item, you have to touch in a certain spot. Clicking a hundred times-literally- to get the option to come up! Crashes often too!!

I wish you can get free pearls like their other game, 'Mermaid World.'

Help me Ok so I love this game but the past two days I haven't been able to get In and am so upset please help me n u will most definitely have 5stars from me ;-)

I love it I like how you get pearls if you have a three star tank. The one thing I don't like is how you gat trash sometimes when you dig. I also love that your fish can't die!!

Fun game Games slightly addictive and usually works well and smooth but now when i start game if i feed fish or collect or just wait about ten seconds game will shut down and act like i wasn't ever on it

Make it same as apple and GREAT NEWS Why aren't we in version 3.43 of like apple we are in old school and apple has new tanks esayier breeding and much more fix and let us in the new apple version why four stars it has never crashed or glitched. BUT I HAVE A RARE PAPARAPZI FISH.

A shame It WAS good but now when I try to get on it says 'ERROR unusual activity has been found and has been reported' so I waited for like 3 weeks and it still says that. Fix it or I uninstall!

No FB connection .... Sure the app will post to FB but it does Not allow me to connect with any friends / a family member started playing believing we'd be able to dig in each others tanks - but this is Not the case. We enjoy this as a very solitary game. Really disappointed that we have to miss out on sharing the fun. I play on my tablet and another game on my phone (phablet ) in hopes it would work through one or the other but sadly it does not. It's a fun game that would be better with friends.

Not happy!!! I was enjoying this game a lot so I purchased pearls and coins. .both for $9.99 each. I got my pearls and not my coins. I have emailed about this issue and I have not heard one word back! The $9.99 was taken out of my bank account and I have still not recieved my 8700 coins! I am very disappointed and upset about this. I will rate the game 5 stars when and if this issue is resolved. If its not I will let my friends know not to waste their time or money on this game!!!

Its fun but needs some changes Its fun but when i try to buy pearls or coins it never loads my friends was playing it and tried to buy pearls and the phone sat there for 2 hours and it still didnt load. Also i hate how you have to keep trying over and over to get one stupid fish. Please change. And make it so that you can buy fish with coins!!!!!

Dig loading After the fish dig the item doesn't load for it to be able to be placed otherwise 5 stars but please fix

Game freezing Please fix it keeps freezing as soon as home screen opens love this game but if problem persist I will have no choice but to uninstall, which I don't want to. I have 9 tanks, ton of awesome fish, on level 32 , have 6 star tanks , please I love game please fix I will add more stars when problem is fixed thanks

Find out why everyone loves Fish with Attitude!Breed fish with amazing personalities and discover a whole new world of delightful aquatic characters! From the makers of Happy Aquarium – the #1 Fish Game on Facebook – comes Fish with Attitude! Whether they’re Nice or Mean, Flirty or Nerdy, pair up different fish to get even […]

App Size23 MB
Instalations500,000 - 1,000,000
DeveloperCrowdstar Inc

We don't provide APK download for Fish with Attitude but, you can download from Google Play

Your missing fish Your missing Flo the green fish the game has in the beginning. I just noticed it becaise i had to delete my app and it restarted on me. I was mad but... I got to see the one fish your missing.. See what other fish your missing too! This app can do better though. And actually realize that you do have the fish like if you dont have it. Then.. Have an indication that you need to breed these kinds of fish if you have neither of the breeding pair.

How to use Breeding Fish with attitude for PC and MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

  • Download Bluestacks from this link.
  • Install BlueStacks from installation file with following the on-screen instructions.
  • Once Bluestacks is installed add your Google account in it.
  • Type Breeding Fish with attitude in Search bar and install it.
Now you can use Breeding Fish with attitude on your PC or MAC.

I Dont kno This app I didn't download but I'm using this to say I am very put out I use a Samsung Galaxy s3 mini and I CANT GET THE PROPER FISH WITH ATTITUDE!!! I'm really annoyed come on Crowdstar make it fair please can you let me get it it just says 'not compatible with your device'. Fix it pleeeeeaaaase!!!!

Breeding Calculator is WRONG I needed the Robber fish. It's traits are Mean, Brave and Smart. On the calculator it says its Brave, Smart and.... nice? Wtf? I haven't looked at the other calculations for the other fish. Why bother? They may be wrong too.

Its great When you click: see fishes it shows a picture of every fish young and old. In the Breeding calculator you pick a fish you would like to own and press ok then it will shows a selection of fish you can breed together to make it. Hope this helps. Be sure to cheek out my other reviews. :-D

a lot better than going online I used to have to go online for this stuff but now it's right here. :)

Junk It doesn't tell you which 2 fish to breed it just tells u if the fish is shy or nice or funny so don't get it unless you want to see if the fish is nice funny or shy

Very help ful It is amazing how I used to to have to to go on the internet and but nomore

Love it.I have the app called fish with attuide this will help me


You should add in the rare fish, but other than that it's good.

Fish With Attitude For Pc

Love it It is just amazing it helps me hatch better fish and is just what I needed

So useful It really works... u should get it

It's not even a game I hate this soooooooooooooo much one star only

Love the game. But not this!!!! I could not even install it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fish w/attitude breeding guide I have loved playing the game but this app leaves a bit to be desired ! I have used the breeding guide quite a bit but it's not often that I get the fish I was breeding for. That's very frustrating. Don't get me wrong, sometimes it works quite well. I just wish I knew what I am doing wrong.

Awsome Nice game it helps me to make new baby's and get to a new level

Nice now I can look here before breeding I give 5 star

Can someone please put a link of where to download fish with attitude

Awesome Nice i love it i like that it tells me how to breed because im a big fan of fish with attitude

Fish With Attitude App

I like it Because of this i finally got an evil fish

Cool This is pretty cool, although, can you make a cheats and trips? Thank you!

OMG! Its working! Now I will get cowboy fish! Thanks!

I don't get it Bring back the oringal fish with attitude

Program does work The program does work. It does work for the Android phone.

Fish With Attitude Breeding Guide

Great OMG! Ican get the angel fish now!!!!!!!!

The new app for fish with attitude game, with all the fishes and a complete breeding guide


Fish With Attitude The Computer Game

App Size MB
Instalations 10,000 - 50,000
DeveloperJ. M. Arenas

We don't provide APK download for Breeding Fish with attitude but, you can download from Google Play