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Whatever profession, personal background or lifestyle you happen to have, there is always the case that you lounge around the sofa and enjoy wonderful videos with your family. As videos ensure exhilarating viewing experience, video formats, as a result, flock in the market, among which MKV surely leaves you deep impression for its open source. However, there are still some black spots even though MKV files bring us many advantages.

Free Video Converter for Mac - Convert 4K, MKV, AVI to MP4, MOV, MP3 and More! WinX Video Converter for Mac is a totally free video converter for Mac OS X 10.12 or lower. It supports both HD and regular videos including convert 4K, MKV, AVCHD, M2TS, AVI, MP4, MOV.

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I've recently captivated by my PSP and wanted to stream HD videos to it on my Mac. Yet PSP failed to recognize the file type because all the HD movies were .MKV files as opposed to .AVI etc, so I have to convert my MKV to AVI for playback on the game console. I mean a free program. Any tips? -Jessica

Download Free Converter Mkv Ke Dat For Mac

It is a known fact that not all video files are created equal. Some file formats are made only for certain devices while some file formats require specific apps to play them. This is why users choose to decode video from MKV format to AVI as the output format. Both of them are seemingly no big difference in quality. Actually, majority of them convert MKV to AVI because of compatibility.

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1. MKV is compatible with most modern video players in 2020. But it's unaccepted by most mobile devices (Microsoft, Android, game consoles, etc.). Unlike MKV, AVI not only works well with most popular video players, but also gets on with most portable devices like Microsoft, part of Android, game consoles, etc.
2. MKV can't be accepted by certain online video sharing sites like YouTube when you upload MKV files. But no worry, YouTube and other mainstream websites allow you to upload AVI files to their sites for sharing as long as the upload requirements your AVI meet.