Download Imovie 08 And Idvd 08 For Mac

Imovie 08 And Idvd 08 For Mac Os X Visual Quickstart Guide Jeff Carlson Document for Imovie 08 And Idvd 08 For Mac Os X Visual Quickstart Guide which you can directly download and save in in to your device. In iMovie ’08, edit your movie to the point where you’re ready to send it to iDVD. Then share it via the Media Browser (Share: Media Browser) at the Large size, making it available to other.

I'm confused. Reading iMovie 08 & iDVD 'The missing Manual' it states on page 261, 'If you do not already have iLife 06, you can download your free copy from Apple's Web site.' Is this fact or fiction? If fact where on Apple's Web site do I fine this free download of iLife 06. I won't say I have looked at all the free downloads, I have looked at a lot and haven't seen this one. It states other disturbing things about going back and forth between 06 and 08 with editing audio and visual effects. I can't buy 06 in the store, so downloading seems to be a must.

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Q1: “I have just bought an iMac and have done a short video in iMovie. How do I burn it onto a DVD?”

Q2: “I’ve just upgraded to iMovie 10 and cannot figure out how to burn my movie to a DVD. What should I do?”

There are so many users that are unclear about how to burn iMovie to DVD that they have to ask for help on some forums or Apple Community. The two typical questions quoted here are the most common problems that hundreds of people have claimed the same confusion. Obviously, such problems always happen no matter for new comers or old hands when burning iMovie to DVD. And you might be one of them who are pursuing the easiest and most efficient way to burn iMovie to DVD so that you could play the movie freely on TV. Actually, it’s not a problem any more with Apple DVD burning software iDVD and top five validated iDVD alternatives offered in this post.

Part 1: How to Export iMovie Project for DVD Burning

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iMovie is a video editing software application introduced by Apple Inc. working for Mac and portable iOS devices. It is an amazing application for personalizing your video clips and photos. Usually, it allows you to make your own project by importing photos and video clips. And it also enables you to customize the project. However, when you are intended to burn iMovie project to DVD on Mac, you should export iMovie project at first since iMovie cannot work out DVD burning directly.

Detailed Steps on How to Export iMovie Project:

Step 1. In iMovie Library, select the video clip you want to export.

Step 2. To select it, drag the cursor across the portion of video that will be burned onto DVD, or hold the “Command” key and press “A” on Mac keyboard to select an entire video.

Step 3. Go to “File” > “Share” > “File”, review the information in pop-up window and click “Next” button, then name and save the file.

Step 4. Your iMovie project would be exported to your computer for burning to DVD.

After exporting iMovie project to your personal Mac PC, you could then make use of DVD burner software to burn iMovie project to DVD content on Mac. Apple once developed a DVD burning software application and there are also some third-party fantastic DVD burning software programs in hand.

Part 2: What is iDVD?

iDVD is a software application from Apple that enables you to burn QuickTime or desktop movies, MP3 music, and digital photos to a recordable DVD disc by using an Apple DVD-R drive. It makes DVD-Video discs on your Mac PC for sharing your movies with anyone who has a DVD player, or playing the movie on TV.

Since you have exported iMovie project to your Mac, you can now burn iMovie to DVD with iDVD: You can open iDVD, go to “File” > “Import” > “Video” and select the iMovie project file you just exported from iMovie. Surely, you need to insert a blank writable DVD disc into the DVD drive and successfully burn iMovie to DVD with iDVD.

However, iDVD is now discontinued on its Lion and Mountain Lion OS, which means you will never find iDVD on your new Mac. Thus, you can only burn iMovie to DVD on condition that you have iDVD pre-installed. Otherwise, you should find another powerful DVD burning application to burn iMovie to DVD to play on TV.

Part 3: Top 5 Alternative Software Programs to Burn iMovie to DVD

Luckily, there are top 5 high-performance and great DVD burning software programs recommended to you when you have no iDVD.

1.Leawo DVD Creator

Leawo DVD Creator is a powerful and easy-to-use iMovie to DVD burner that performs even better than iDVD. It is specially designed to burn iMovie to DVD at high burning speed and the best output quality. In addition to the iMovie files, the program could also burn videos in almost all regular formats like AVI, FLV, MP4, WMV, MOV, MKV, VOB, etc. to DVD. Moreover, the built-in video editor and dozens of stylish DVD menu templates allow you to personalize your DVD as you like. Because Leawo DVD Creator supports Windows 7/8//8.1/10/Vista and Mac OS X, anyone using different kinds of operating systems can takes advantage of this burning program to burn iMovie to DVD to play on TV.


SimplyBurns is an open source, easy-to-use and advanced DVD burning software application with a GUI designed for Mac OS X. It can easily burn movies to DVD in five modes, including Data, Audio, 1:1 Copy, Rip Disc and Burn Image with several clicks.

3.DVD Styler

DVDStyler is a cross-platform and open source DVD burning application. It can be totally free of charge when creating professional-looking DVDs for you on Mac. Besides, it can create and burn DVD video with interactive menus, add multiple subtitle and audio tracks, import images for background and so on. Moreover, because it supports many common video and audio formats, you can feel free to create a DVD for any video files.

Download Imovie 08 And Idvd 08 For Mac

Download Imovie 08 And Idvd 08 For Mac Free

4.Roxio Toast Titanium

Roxio Toast Titanium is the leading DVD burner for Mac, which makes burning even better and more personalized. It supports video from anywhere, including your screen, the web or camcorders, etc. With a simple video editor built-in, you can also cut the unwanted segments from video clips. It has a simple-to-use and clear interface but is quite expensive.

5.Tipard DVD Creator

This is a powerful DVD burning tool which enables you to burn various videos to DVD without watermark. It supports iMovie project and other common video or audio files like MP4, MOV, MKV, AVI, QuickTime HD and more. Besides, it also allows you to customize DVD with its editing functions.

Part 4: How to burn iMovie to DVD on Leawo DVD Creator

Leawo DVD Creator has a user-friendly interface that any of you can master it simply without any technical background. After you download, install and run this iMovie to DVD burner for Mac, then you can burn and convert iMovie to DVD on Mac OS easily. Here come the detailed steps on how to burn iMovie to DVD Mac.

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Step 1:Import the source iMovie project into the DVD Burner

After entering the main burning interface by selecting Burn tab on the top bar, simply click “Add Video” icon to add your iMovie projects or drag and drop iMovie project to the program. The Mac DVD burner can burn iMovie to DVD disc, folder and ISO image. To burn iMovie project to DVD disc, you are required to insert a blank DVD disc into the recordable Mac DVD-ROM.

After importing, you can rearrange video order, add external subtitles to your iMovie projects, choose to burn to DVD-5 or DVD-9, set aspect ratio and output resolution, preview imported projects with built-in player, and check out the needed space for DVD burning at the bottom of program.

Step 2:Edit iMovie files (Optional)

You can personalize your iMovie projects by clicking edit option to open the internal video editor window where you can crop the frame size, trim video length, append effects, add picture or text watermark, rotate video angle and add 3D effect. If you have no editing needs, just skip this step.

Step 3. Set disc menu template

Idvd 08 Download

Select a disc menu template from the right sidebar of the main interface and preview it by clicking its center. Via clicking the pencil icon on the disc menu preview panel, you could edit your DVD menu by adding background picture and music, choosing desired buttons and frames, etc. and save the edited disc menu template for future use.

Step 4. More DVD burning settings

Click on the big green “Burn” button to call out the burning settings panel, where you choose proper burning settings like to burn video to DVD disc, ISO file or/and folder, input volume label, set saving destination for output files.


1.If you only need to burn iMovie project to DVD disc on Mac, select DVD disc recorder drive as output under the “Burn to” option.

2.You could also burn iMovie to DVD disc, folder and ISO image file at the same time.

3.Make sure your computer hard drive gets enough storage if you want to create DVD folder or ISO image file.

Step 5. Burn iMovie to DVD Mac

After all settings are down, click on the “Burn” button on the window to start burning iMovie to DVD on Mac immediately. When the burning process finishes, you could view the movies in burned DVD disc on any DVD player.

All in all, you can burn iMovie to DVD without a hitch with the help of Leawo DVD Creator and the other four useful DVD burning software applications recommended in this post. Considering the functions, user friendliness, cost and other relative points, Leawo DVD Creator is recognized as the most cost-efficient and reliable DVD burning applications, with which you can easily be an expert in burning iMovie to DVD even if you are a total green hand on how to burn iMovie to DVD before. Feel free to have a try. After all, the act of doing leads to accomplishment.