Download Install Popcorntime For Mac

Download Install Popcorn Time App on iPhone

Well, the majority of users would think of jailbreaking iPhone so as to install the Cydia. It's undeniable that it's an efficient way to easily download and install Popcorn Time app on iPhone. Supposing you wanna have a try of this solution, first of all, learn how to jailbreak your iPhone iPad and then the whole Popcorn Time app downloading process is easy as winking.

Of course, not all the users plan to jailbreak their iOS iPhone iPad with a view to privacy, security, durability and such like. What if you don't want to jailbreak iPhone or iPad, but have no idea how to get Popcorn Time app on iDevices either? No biggie! Here I show you how to download and install the app using the iOS Installer without jailbreak.

Popcorn Time is an app that lets you stream and watch tons of movies - from classics to the latest releases - by using the traditional file exchange system Torrent, but without having to download anything.

How to Download and Install Popcorn Time iOS App on iPhone iPad without Jailbreak

Install Popcorn Time For Mac Os 11 2018

Step 1: Go to Settings > General > Date & Time > Turn off 'Set Automatically' and change the date to August 1, 2014.

Download Install Popcorntime For Mac

Step 2: Open Safari, go to the Popcorn Time iOS app download site, and click on the green box to download it.

Step 3: Press the button 'Install' to begin install Popcorn Time iOS for iPhone iPad.

Popcorn Time App Free Download

Step 4: Set the date back to 'Set Automatically'. Hit 'Trust' on the pop-up window. Then the job is done! You can finally stream and watch Popcorn Time movies on your iPhone iPad without jailbreak. If it's still not working, follow the tips to download free movies to iPhone.