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One of the best ways to liven up a party is a Karaoke, singing any well-known song is entertaining both for the person that sings as well as for the person that is seeing the interpretation and with Karaoke Anything! it won't be complicated making any song suitable for Karaoke.

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A Karaoke song has the original music but without the vocals, in such a way that whoever has the guts can sing it. With Karaoke Anything! you'll easily be able to eliminate any song's vocals. The method that it uses is quite simple, an equalizer that is properly calibrated to minimize the frequencies in which the human voice act and sound treatment that they call Karaoke Effect, in this way, the original singer's voice will be eliminated, but not the music.

The interface of Karaoke Anything! allows you to load any MP3 or CD-Audio, with the consequent ease to start enjoying it. Furthermore, its configuration isn't at all complicated so hardly any songs will resist the application.

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According to the developer, 75% of the songs are properly recognized, which is a real achievement for this kind of software.

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Karaoke anything! Supports.mp3 files and regular CD audio. For that, you can open an mp3 file from your hard disk or from a portable device. As for the CD audio, users can insert it directly into the CD/DVD drive. Karaoke anything free download - Karaoke 5, Karaoke Player, MP3 Karaoke Player, and many more programs. Best Video Software for the Mac How To Run MacOS High Sierra or Another OS on Your Mac. Download 9 Free Karaoke Music Software If you haven’t made any plans to go out for this weekend or if you want to just stay at home, we have something fun for you! A collections of free karaoke software that you can download and start singing your favorite song or MP3 and have fun.

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Karaoke anything free download - iStar Karaoke, Quit Anything, SingSong Karaoke, and many more programs. The time has arrived to give free rein to all your vocal talents with Karaoke Anything!, a program that removes the vocal part of your favourite song, letting you sing instead.Karaoke Anything! Simply applies certain filters to the songs, to eliminate the singing part.