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Mad Father is a Role-playing, Puzzle, Adventure, and Single-player video game developed by Sen and published by Miscreant’s Room. The game offers a freeware model and lets you engage yourself in the horror-thrilling story. The story revolves around the protagonist, an Eleven-year-old girl named Aya… read more

9 Mad Father Alternatives & Similar Games for Mac OS

Download mad father for mac for free. Games downloads - Mad Father by Sen (of Miscreant 's Room) and many more programs are available for instant and free download.


1. Undertale

Undertale is a Funny, Adventure, Role-playing, Puzzle, and Single-player video game developed and published by Tobyfox. The plot follows a human child who has fallen deep into the Underground region below the surface of the Earth.

The game lets you control a child and meets with monsters during your challenging quests. Explore the world, traverse through bullet hell, fight against monsters, and solve puzzles to progress in the game. You play from a top-down perspective and can navigate the caves and towns to find rare items and reveal the mystery behind the scene.

It features multiple ending depending on the actions you take while playing the game. Undertale includes core features such as Become Friends with Bosses, At Least Five dogs, Date a Skeleton, Top-down Shooter, and more. With the best mechanics, addictive and quite engaging gameplay, amazing graphics, and exciting story, Undertale is a fascinating game to play and enjoy.


2. Lone Survivor: The Director’s Cut

Lone Survivor: The Director’s Cut is an Adventure, Horror-Survival, Puzzle, Role-playing, and Single-player video game created by Jasper Byme and published by Superflat Games. The game takes place in the fictional world and lets you assume the role of the protagonist to get into the game world.

According to the story, the protagonist gets trapped in a city threatened by disease. Your main objective is to explore the world to interact with NPCs and objects to solve a series of puzzles. The game offers multiple ends, depending on the actions you take.

Complete all quests by killing enemies and their bosses to survive. Maintain your health bar and collect power-ups to play longer. Lone Survivor: The Director’s Cut includes vital features such as two new Endings, Exciting Characters, side-quests, twenty new Items, more than 125 Locations, and more.


3. To the Moon

To the Moon is an adventure game designed for those players who love playing Puzzle and Role-playing video games. The game combines the elements of Horror, Adventure, and Exploration elements.

Download Mad Father For Mac

The player explores the environment from a top-down perspective, and it supports only Single-player mode. It is developed and published by Freebird Games. According to the story, Sigmund Corp has created a device that can use to establish Artificial memories.

The company is offering the devices to people to fulfill their desires. Soon, the service starts damaging the real memory, and the people who are infected have few days left to live. You control a protagonist to complete different tasks, including interaction with objects and NPCs, explore diverse locations, complete a set of puzzles, and collect information about artificial technology.

To the Moon includes core features such as Non-combat Story, Multiple Ends, Exciting Story, Stunning Visuals, Puzzle-solving Gameplay, Narrative Story, and more. Try it out, and you’ll surely enjoy the game.


4. Claire

Claire is a Horror, Female Protagonist, Adventure, Puzzle, Role-playing, and Single-player video game developed and published by Hailstorm Games. The game offers an exciting story, in which the protagonist named Claire has lost the way of her home, and reached the haunted mansion.

Soon the environment of the mansion becomes to change, and unseen threats are stalking the protagonist from dark shadows. Your character can equip a torchlight and her companion a dog. You act as the protagonist who is a female, conquer your fear, and find your mother.

The game consists of challenging levels filled with complicated puzzles that you must complete at any cost. You can interact with objects and NPCs to find clues about your mother and traverse through a dark world. Claire offers most prominent features such as Play as Claire, Use a Lighter, Find other lost, Multiple Endings, Panic System, Explore Dark World, etc.


5. DreadOut

DreadOut is an Adventure, Role-playing, Puzzle, Horror-Survival, and Single-player video game created and published by Digital Happiness. The game takes place in an old abandoned town and puts you into the role of the protagonist called Linda, who is a female.

Linda is armed with a smartphone and must face challenging puzzles, terrifying creatures, and more. The game mainly focuses on survival elements and lets you traverse through abandoned town and play the game from a third-person view. In the game, you have to fight against horrible creatures and solve a series of puzzles that will decide her fate.

Overcome challenges and find a way to survive longer. DreadOut includes core features such as Explore a haunted environment in Asia, Battle against beings, Solve Mysteries, Switch between Third and First-person, Unlockable Content, and more.



LISA is an Adventure-based, Side-Scrolling, Role-playing and Single-player video game by Dingaling. The game set in the post-apocalyptic wasteland that is full of disgust and moral destruction. The player will learn what kind of person they are by being forced to make a choice. The selected choice will permanently affect the gameplay. It allows the player to save all the party members from the death by completing the certain actions. The world is being selfish and the heartless us the only way to survive. LISA is an excellent RPG game that offers quite addictive gameplay to immerse himself deep into the brilliant game world. The game includes core features such as lots of non-player characters, unlock new party members, different towns, and countless hidden secrets, etc. With impressive storyline, fantastic game mechanics and brilliant visual details. LISA is a wonderful game to play and enjoy.

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7. Beholder

Beholder is an Adventure-based, Strategy and Single-player video game created by Warm Lamp Games and published by Alawar Entertainment. It is a simple and addictive game, inspired by Aldous Huxley, Ray Bradbury and George Orwell. In this game, the player controls the main character Carl, who is a government installed landlord in the state of totalitarian. The government hires a player to spy on the tenants, and his ultimate is to chase the tenants and efforts to records their conversation. Beholder has series of twisted levels and the player manipulate the landscape from side-scrolling view. In each level, the player needs to reports anyone of violating the laws and fulfil the task in order to earn a point. After the progress, the player is able to team-up with other characters and solve the puzzle together. As with the other, it also has multiple endings for each of them being a sum of the decisions made by a player. Beholder offers excellent game mechanics, smooth controls and beautiful visual details.


8. Lakeview Cabin

Lakeview Cabin is a Single-player Horror Survival video game developed and published by Roope Tamminen. The game takes place in the unknown world that is full of dangers where the player controls four survivors who solve series of puzzles to survive. It is specially made for those love horror survival games and wants to enjoy something new. The game has series of levels and each level the player must protect all the characters to progress in the game if the player loses him any character he will lose his life. Lakeview Cabin offers both day and night cycle, and during the night the player faces different kinds of enemies that make the game more challenging. Lakeview Cabin includes core features such as different kinds of puzzles to solve, multiple maps, smooth controls, excellent game setting and beautiful visual details. Do try it out, you’ll be amazed at all the thing in this challenging game.


9. Grim Fandango Remastered

Grim Fandango Remastered is an Adventure, Point-and-Click, and Single-player video game released by Double Fine Productions for Multiple Platforms. The game takes place in the beautiful world where something went wrong, and you, as the protagonist, are being played for a sucker.

In the game, you will meet Manny Calavera; a travel agent works at the Department of Death. According to the plot, the protagonist sells luxury packages to souls on a long journey to eternal rest. Now, the paradise is in trouble, and you must help the protagonist in untangling himself from a conspiracy that invades the salvation.

It serves as the sequel to previous titles and comes with a new look, modern features, improved graphics, and brilliant mechanics. During the gameplay, the player can explore the environment from a third-person perspective.

The main objective is to interact with the environment and objects to solve a dark mystery behind the scene and unlock additional content to explore. With immersive gameplay, dynamic lighting effects, hi-res character textures, and smooth controls, Grim Fandango Remastered is one of the best games to play.

More About Mad Father

Mad Father is a Role-playing, Puzzle, Adventure, and Single-player video game developed by Sen and published by Miscreant’s Room. The game offers a freeware model and lets you engage yourself in the horror-thrilling story.

The story revolves around the protagonist, an Eleven-year-old girl named Aya. According to the story, she discovers her father’s secret laboratory and some terrifying results of her father’s research. It takes place in Northern Germany, where you can get into the role of the protagonist, who lives with her beloved parents named Monika Davis and Alfred.

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You are a shy girl and never go outside. Your mother is severely ill, and your father is busy doing some secret research in his laboratory in the basement of the house.

The game consists of various levels and lets you complete each one by exploring the world, uncovering the truth, and ending the levels. With stunning visuals, addictive story, and brilliant mechanics, Mad Father is the best game to play and enjoy.

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