Download Strife Xdy (1 9 4 2 Beta For Mac

  1. Download Strife Xdy (1 9 4 2 Beta For Mac)
  2. Pes Smoke 2017 Update 9.4.2

Hey there. Just tried this mod out. First off, had some good fun playing through Strife again, and this mod adds a load of neat things to the game. That said, though I've not done a complete playthrough yet, I've got a few pointers that I noticed while playing:

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1. It's far too easy to earn XP and there are too many skill points given when you level up. I've reached level 17, haven't even assaulted the Order's first base I've completely maxed out all the skills. I would suggest that either how much XP is needed to level up is dramatically increased, or only give 1 skill point per level instead of 3.


Download Strife Xdy (1 9 4 2 Beta For Mac)

2. I like the option given to spare the Sanctuary captive and kill Harris instead. I also understood what to do on the first go, so it's not too obtuse an objective. Good work.

3. The Trader is a great NPC addition. A brief word on exactly where he is in the readme would be helpful. That and giving the option to sell excess ammo and items would be nice.

4. Is it possible to level enemies as well as yourself? Even on the fourth highest difficulty I'm mowing down bad guys with ease. Or maybe have some of the different coloured acolytes have more health / be a bit faster / have better weapons.

5. Order cultists are a pretty cool addition.

That's it so far. As I know I haven't played all the way through there's still plenty of new content I can't comment on yet. Still, I like what I've been playing, even if there's some room left for improvement.

Pes Smoke 2017 Update 9.4.2

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