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Get the details, frameworks, and tools you need to use system fonts for Apple platforms in your apps. These typefaces offer the control and flexibility to optimally display text at a variety of sizes, in many different languages, across multiple interfaces.

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What’s New in Fonts

Watch the WWDC19 session “Font Management and Text Scaling” to learn about the latest advancements in font technologies coming to iOS 13.

SF Pro

This sans-serif typeface is the system font for iOS, macOS, and tvOS, and includes a rounded variant. It provides a consistent, legible, and friendly typographic voice.

SF Compact

This sans-serif typeface is the system font for watchOS, and includes a rounded variant. It suits a wide range of content and is easily legible in a variety of contexts.

SF Mono

FontForge is free and open-source outline font editor.

This monospaced variant of San Francisco enables alignment between rows and columns of text, and is used in coding environments like Xcode. It supports Latin, Greek, and Cyrillic scripts and contains six weights in upright and italic.

New York

This all-new, Apple-designed serif typeface is based on essential aspects of historical type styles and is designed to work on its own as well as alongside San Francisco.


Human Interface Guidelines

Read the Human Interface Guidelines to learn how to use these fonts in your app on Apple platforms.


Gain insight into typographic principles and how they apply to the San Francisco fonts, the result of a deep collaboration between design and engineering teams. This typeface defers to the content it displays to give text unmatched legibility, clarity, and consistency.

Tools and Frameworks

Use the latest frameworks in Xcode to integrate dynamic text handling and typesetting capabilities into your app.


UIKit provides custom text management and rendering on iOS, macOS, watchOS, and tvOS.


AppKit provides font selection, text processing, and rendering for macOS.

Core Text

This text engine and API for Apple platforms provides sophisticated text handling and typesetting capabilities for managing adaptive user interfaces.

SF Symbols

SF Symbols provides over 1,500 configurable symbols that integrate seamlessly with San Francisco.

Apple Font Tool Suite

This suite of command-line tools includes an installer package, tutorial, user documentation, and reference.

TrueType and AAT

Get specifications for the TrueType font format and the Apple Advanced Typography (AAT) Font Feature Registry for advanced font rendering.

• Better tools for editing COLR paths.


• Better SVG parsing. Support for the “use” tag in the SVG parser.

• Speed optimizations.
• Bug fixes.


• Support for aalt, a new OTF tag for alternates. Illustrator uses this feature.
• Additional vertical guides.

• Retain view and selected glyph when switching character set in the overview tab.
• Compare both monochrome and color glyph in the editing view.
• Make it possible to import a TTF or OTF glyph even if a Unicode value can't be found for it.
• Menu reorganization (view menu).


High Logic Font Creator For Mac

• Automatic backups.
• A new tab for creating ligatures.

• Edit COLR glyphs in Birdfont.
• Generate COLR fallback from SVG and vice versa.


• Support for a new color font format: COLR/CPAL.
• Visual feedback when fonts have been exported.
• Set a color as the forground color in COLR glyphs (the color will be selected by the user).

• Better strokes, use less points. Fix bevel and round line joins.
• Center glyphs vertically.


• Add stylistic set substitution, OTF tags ss01 – ss20.

• Enable comments in SVG file names for designers that imports all files in a folder.


• Add a customized character set to the overview tab.
• Center glyphs.

• Import and export large character sets in OTF fonts.


• Set width for all glyphs at the same time.
• Add support for adjusting line gap.
• Cut paths (Ctrl+X or Cmd+X).

• Fix OTF support (compatibility with After Effects).
• Support for adding new Unicode points.
• Show ligatures in search results.


• Bug fixes: grid, file dialog and special search terms in the Unicode Charater Database (UCD).

• Fixes for SVG files made with Illustrator.


• Theme color fixes.
• Fix resize tool.

Download Tutorial Font Creator For Mac

• Customizable preview template (HTML).


• Speed optimizations of spacing classes.
• Bug fixes in OTF files on Mac.

• Better conversion from SVG to font.


Free Fonts For Mac

• Round, bevel or miter line joins.

• Fix SVG import.

3.12.0 (plus)

• OTF support, OpenType Fonts with PostScript outlines.

• A good number of bug fixes.
• New file extension: .birdfont replaces .bf. You can still open your font in older versions of the editor if you change the extention to .bf.


• Adjust underline thickness and position in a font.
• Run faster on Windows.
• Export large (CJK) fonts.
• Fix parsing of TTF fonts.

• Add support for input with Cyrillic keyboards and other character sets.
• Fix ligature encoding.
• Use native file dialog on Windows 10.


• Make sure fonts pass validation in Font Book.

• Fix stroke export.


• Fix parsing of CSS data in SVG files
• Updated Unicode Character Database (ucd)

• Fix Illustrator import

3.4.6 (plus)

• Color font support for Edge

• Support for Arabic scripts

3.2.2 (plus)

• Color fonts

• Better SVG import


• Larger number of kerning pairs is supported in the GPOS table (LookupType 9: Extension Positioning).

• HiDPI support on Windows and bugfixes.


• Change writing direction to RTL (right to left) in kerning tab
• Bug fixes

• New freehand tool
• Rotate objects and point handles with 45 degree steps
• Bug fixes


• Speed opimizations

• Improved vertical metrics in TTF fonts
• Sandbox support on Mac OS
• Bug fixes


• More descriptive fields in TTF fonts (license, designer, URL etc.)
• Stylistic alternates (OpenType feature tag: salt)
• Small Caps (OpenType feature tag: scmp)
• Capitals to Small Caps (OpenType feature tag: c2sc)
• Swashes (OpenType feature tag: swsh)
• Parse circles, ellipses and lines in SVG files

• Support for high resolution screens


• Lock grid and guides
• Merge overlapping regions
• Bug fixes in the TTF generator

• Layers
• Mac specific TTF fonts (fixes fontbook problems)


• Fallback font with support for many languages
• Faster GUI

• Speed optimization in font export
• Faster search queries in the Unicode Data Base
• Better parsing of SVG files generated with Illustrator
• Dialog for importing a folder with SVG files


• Stroke
• Round line caps
• Bug fixes