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Demo album by
ReleasedNovember 4, 2000
StudioSound Asleep Studio
LabelBigwig Enterprises
  • Ben Moody
  • Brad Caviness (exec.)
Evanescence chronology
'Sound Asleep / Whisper'
Singles from Origin
  1. 'Whisper'
    Released: 2000
  2. 'Lies'
    Released: 2000 (radio only)[citation needed]
  3. 'Even in Death'
    Released: 2001[citation needed]

Origin is the first full length CD released by the alternative metal band Evanescence on the Bigwig Enterprises label. Although it is occasionally considered to be Evanescence's first album, lead singer Amy Lee has explicitly said that she doesn't consider it to be an album but rather a 'dressed up' demo CD. A year later, Evanescence released their first live album, Anywhere but Home, which sold more than one million copies worldwide. In 2006, the band released their second studio album, The Open Door, which sold more than five million copies.

Origin is the first demo album by the American rock band Evanescence. It was self-released[1] in 2000 approximately 50 copies were made.[2] The Bigwig Enterprises website sold the demo album in limited numbers.[3]

Evanescence Origin Album


Manufactured by a friend, this rough-draft full-length debut had only a few thousand copies made of the album and were being sold for US$400 on eBay immediately following Fallen's release.[4] Although it is commonly referred to as a full-length album, lead vocalist and co-founder Amy Lee refers to it as a 'dressed up' demo CD, and urges fans to simply download the album, rather than purchase it.[5][6]

Evanescence Album Origin Download For Mac

It contains earlier versions of 'Whisper', 'Imaginary', and 'My Immortal', which appeared on the band's debut studio album, Fallen, as well as a re-recorded version of the track 'Where Will You Go', which previously appeared on the Evanescence EP released in 1998. One known track omitted was: 'Catherine',[2][7].'Anywhere', track 8, originally featured Ben Moody as backup vocals, track time (5:18), rather than David Hodges found on the official Vinyl release, track time (6:03).


Origin was released commercially for the first time in December 2016 as a part of The Ultimate Collection vinyl box set.[8] In an interview, Lee explained why she included it on the box set:

It's something I've always cringed about because ever since we made a real studio album and honed in our sound and became Evanescence and made Fallen, I'm like, 'OK, everything before this we were just practicing.' But many fans love Origin and talk about Origin and wish Origin would be released. I've been against it for 13 years, but for the first time I guess I have enough separation from it to look at it and feel like, 'Y'know what? I see why that's cool. As a fan, I want to listen to that too.' So having that whole change of heart was really huge.[9]


'Whisper' was released as the lead single from Origin, and was also released on their debut album Fallen.[10]

Critical reception[edit]

Spin magazine's Melissa Maerz graded the album two out of five stars and wrote, 'Manufactured by a friend, this rough-draft full-length debut features stripped down versions of Fallen hits such as 'Whisper' and 'My Immortal'.'[4]

Ea Origin Download For Mac

Track listing[edit]

Demo CD version (Indie release)[11]
1.'Origin' (intro)Amy Lee, Ben Moody, David Hodges0:35
2.'Whisper' (Origin version)Lee, Moody, Hodges3:56
3.'Imaginary' (Origin version)Lee, Moody, Hodges3:29
4.'My Immortal' (Origin version)Moody, Lee, Hodges4:26
5.'Where Will You Go' (Origin version)Lee, Moody, Hodges3:46
6.'Field of Innocence'Moody, Lee, Hodges5:13
7.'Even in Death'Lee, Moody, Hodges4:09
8.'Anywhere'Moody, Lee, Hodges5:18
9.'Lies' (featuring Bruce Fitzhugh)Lee, Moody, Hodges3:49
10.'Away from Me'Lee, Moody, Hodges3:30
11.'Eternal' (Instrumental)Lee, Moody, Hodges7:22


Credits adapted from the liner notes of Origin.


  • Amy Lee – vocals, piano
  • Ben Moody – guitar, programming, engineer, mixing
  • David Hodges – piano, keyboard, vocals

Additional musicians

  • Will Boyd – bass on 'Away from Me'
  • Bruce Fitzhugh and Stephanie Pierce – vocals on 'Lies'
  • Suvi Petrajajrvi, Sara Moore, Catherine Harris and Samantha Strong – female vocal ensemble on 'Field of Innocence'

Evanescence Origin Download

Evanescence Album Origin Download For Mac


  • Ardent Studios – mastering
  • Soundforge – recording technology


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Evanescence Album Origin Download For Mac

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