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szunyzoli99 rates this game: 5/5

In 2004, the first generation Pokémon games were remade for the GBA. The remakes hame better graphics, all 386 pokémon are available in them, and they have all changes that were introduced in Ruby and Sapphire. After beating the Champion, the player can now also visit the Sevii Islands for some post-game story. A female player charater has been added, and trainers can be rematched using the Vs. Seeker. The game sold well, though not as well as Ruby and Sapphire. Critics complained about the lack of graphical improvements compared to Ruby and Sapphire.

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  • Uploaded by szunyzoli99

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Download Pokemon Feuerrote (G)(Rising Sun) (5.1M)
(Nintendo Gameboy Advance Release #1678)

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Recommended Emulators

My Boy!
Mac OS X

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Pokemon Quest Download For PC [Windows/ Mac OS] Step by Step Instruction How to Download “Pokemon Quest ” on PC (Laptop/ Computer/ Desktop) with Emulator!

Pokemon Quest Gameplay

Pokemon Quest Download PC

Pokemon Quest for PC is a fun RPG that was originally released for the Nintendo Switch but is now making in-roads into the mobile gaming space. Developed by Game Freak, it isn’t much more than another addition to the massive world of Pokemon games.

Pokemon Quest Gameplay

Gameplay in Pokemon Quest is a mixture of passive gameplay and tap-driven battles. The majority of your time in this game will be split between base camp where you train your Pokemon and interact with new friends, and exploring the island as you look for adventure. A timer limits how long you can play therefore if you want to engage in fights then you better have a full energy meter.

The basics of any Pokemon game are in Pokemon Quest i.e. you need to catch as many as you can, but the mechanics for doing it are slightly different. For example, in order to fill up your roster with new Pokemon you will need to lure then in with cooked food rather than just beating them until they’re unconscious then trapping them in a ball.

How effective you are at catching these Pokemon will depend on your skills as a chef. You’ll find new recipes as you explore the island and learn to make things that are described as hard and small or soft and sweet depending on which ingredients you use. Different recipes will work to attract different types of Pokemon.

This new system may not appeal to fans of old however it works well for the Pokemon in this game. Most of them are small cute things that you want to pet therefore the violence involved in the usual ‘Gotta catch ’em all’ model would have been overkill. You can still use them to fight battles however the fights are nothing special.

Once you have your Pokemon loaded up then you are able to customize them. Power Stones earned from successful battles are used to upgrade their health and attack power. Special stones upgrade their special moves in a precise manner and you can swap them out to suit your needs.

The battles start by sending your little monsters out on expeditions. Once they approach a wild Pokemon then the battles starts once you press a button to interact but that’s all that you will do when it comes to battle. The battle themselves usually pan out on Auto and you have some say in how your Pokemon fight but your actions make very little difference to the outcome.

Pokemon Quest: The Good

The Pokemon are cute and the blocked design keeps you from taking the game too seriously.

Pokemon Quest: The Bad

It is not optimized for long stretches of play due to a restrictive energy meter.

In-app purchases are rife in this game and if you use them then you’ll probably clear the game pretty fast.

Pokemon yellow download for mac

Pokemon Quest: Conclusion

The Pokemon are adorable and parents will like how Pokemon Quest has taken some of the emphasis off of random violence however there is not much going on in this game and it will struggle to hold your attention.

Download “Pokemon Quest ” on PC (Windows 10/ 8.1/ 7/ XP/ Vista)!

Using Bluestack OR Andyroid (For PC) – Ipadian (For iOS) You need to Follow these steps – Just Download Emulator on your PC then Download Pokemon Quest from the link above & Play Game on PC instead of Mobiles.

Emulators For PC( Windows 10/ 8.1/ 7 & Mac OS)

Download Emulator For PC: Bluestacks

Minimum system requirements For Bluestacks!

OS: Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista SP2 , Windows XP SP3 (32-bit only)

  • Must have an Administrator on your PC!
  • PC graphics drivers should be updated for compatibility with BlueStacks!
  • PC must have a broadband connection to access games, play store accounts!
  • 2GB of RAM/main memory. (Note 2GB or more disk space is not a substitute for RAM)!
  • 4GB of disk space must be available!

Download Emulator For iOS: iPadian


Easy Guide to Download “Pokemon Quest ” on PC!

Follow up these easy steps to download Pokemon Quest for PC! Downloading Pokemon Quest doesn’t require you to put in any efforts. It’s simple and Easy.

Go for any of the following Emulator of your own choice to enjoy the game in your computer.Pokemon Quest game is for mobile phones but we’ve got an easy way to download in your computer whenever you want to.

Emulator helps in downloading the mobile Apps/games in your PC. Emulator that we suggest is reliable and very easy to use for downloading any of iOS and Android Apps in your PC

Step By Step – Guide to Download “Pokemon Quest” on PC (Windows 10/ 8/ 7 OR Laptop)

  • To Download Game/ App on PC DownloadAndyroidAlternative.
  • Install & Setup Emulator According to the Guide!
  • Now open Emulator!

To play “Pokemon Quest” on PC (Windows 10/ 8/ 7 OR Laptop/ Computer):

  • Click on My Apps > System Apps > Google Play Store.

To Play “Pokemon Quest” on Mac OS:

  • Click on the Search icon and type the “Pokemon Quest” and then click on the Search using Google Play.

Pokemon Black Download For Pc

Install Pokemon Quest From Google Play store:

Pokemon Yellow Download For Mac

  • In the Google Play Store’s search bar, Write Pokemon Quest and search then install!
  • After the installation Game/ App will appear inMy Apps / All Apps tab of Emulator (BlueStacks/ Andy).

Now Enjoy Pokemon Quest.

Recommended System Requirements!

Pokemon Emulator For Mac

  • OS: Windows 10 (Best).
  • Administrator on your PC.
  • HDD: SSD (or fusion).
  • storage HDD Space: 40 GB.
  • Processor: Intel Core i5-680 or higher.
  • Memory: 6GB or higher.
  • Graphics: Intel HD 5200 or higher.


For those who have devices not compatible with recommended settings use Andy Android Emulator (Link Below!!

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