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MetaTrader 4 & 5 for Mac Take advantage of IC Markets True ECN connectivity on our proprietary version of MetaTrader designed exclusively for Mac. Download metatrader for Mac. The client terminal MetaTrader 4 for Mac OS can be installed and used on computers running Mac OS operating system through an open source program PlayOnMac. PlayOnMac is a free and an easy-to-use software which allows installing Windows applications on Mac OS without any difficulty.

MetaTrader 4 is the most popular Forex & CFD trading platform for traders of all skill levels, across the globe. Start your trading journey and download MetaTrader 4 today! The 'most wanted' Forex & CFD trading platform. The growing popularity of Mac OS X has increased the demand for MT4 on Macs. Having our clients in mind in everything we do, Orbex is proud to announce its launching of MT4 for Mac. Orbex Mac MT4 platform gives Mac trader users the ability to operate on a platform designed for Apple Computers. Download MetaTrader 4 for Mac and Start Trading Today. We’ve made it quick and easy to start Forex trading on MAC OS. With an intuitive user interface the MT4 platform offers everything traders require for efficient trading, charting, position management and more.

There are no central banks or institutions which govern the operations of the currency exchange market. This 24-hour, 5-days a week market is completely electronic based, and all transactions happen online. Your interaction with a broker will also be software based, and all your orders and analysis must happen over a trading platform. MetaTrader 4 Mac is such a platform developed by MetaQuotes which is increasingly gaining some popularity.

Previously, MetaTrader was designed only for Windows OS. Its ease of use and variety of currency trading features made brokers sign up with MetaQuotes for its trading software. However, the popularity of Apple PCs created some hindrance when the chain reached to the client’s side.

Previously, if a Mac user patched up with a broker providing MetaTrader, he/she needed to use emulators and plugins to make the platform run on their PC. There was also a complicated process available where you had to create a virtual computer on your Apple device and then install MetaTrader. Things were ultimately very hectic.

Recently, MetaQuotes developed a Mac version of this popular software and enabled brokers to reach out to a larger clientele base. So, if you are an Apple user, all you need to do is download MetaTrader 4 for Mac OS X and install it in a similar fashion as any other Apple software.

But the question remains, why choose MetaTrader for Mac when other Apple based platforms all already available? Certainly, you will have second thoughts about shifting to an entirely new platform. Here are 5 reasons why you should not frown if your broker is providing you with the MetaTrader 4 Mac software.

  1. You will have a large trader community

Download Metatrader 4 For Windows

And this is probably the only and the most important reason to consider a shift or install MetaTrader. This platform is already quite popular with all Windows users. Having an account here will enable you to interact with a large number of traders. Its social forum is huge with a massive number of traders chipping in with their opinions.

So what is the advantage of having access to a huge platform? You get updates on financial news from different parts of the world. There are 8 major currencies which are constantly exchanged in this market. Is it humanly possible to keep track of all these 8 countries simultaneously? With the chat forum in MetaTrader 4 Mac, you may receive such bulk of information in a matter of hours.

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  1. Native Apps for iOS users

You know how mobile applications make your life easy. Consider having an app version of your desktop trading platform. That too, a native one with the entire Apple-like functionalities intact. So anytime you have to check market quotes or place any order, all you need to do is access your phone.

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As soon as you download MetaTrader 4 for Mac OS X, your broker will provide you with a link to the app version as well. You can use the same login ID and password to access your profile. The benefit with apps is its easy-to-use feature. Every update about the currency market will come to you as notifications, and you will never miss out on any event. With native apps now available for iOS, MetaTrader will be faster and smoother on your iPhone.

  1. Save your analysis charts as workspace

With the MetaTrader platform, all the indicators and oscillators you placed on a chart can be saved as a workspace. In other words, if for a particular currency pair, you used a specific set of indicators and oscillators, you may save them and reapply when this pair shows a similar movement.

Another unique feature that MetaTrader 4 Mac comes with is the Expert Advisor from MetaQuotes. This is a code written in MetaEditor to automate your trading process. You can write algorithms to place buy and sell points, set stop-loss limits and assign various other parameters to maximize your returns. These remain saved in the directory and you can use it on any currency pair charts.

  1. Copy trading signal to improve returns

What do you do after you download MetaTrader 4 for Mac OS X? Do you step into trading with your money immediately? That is perfectly alright if you are into forex trading for quite some time now and have that profitable signal. But building a signal from scratch requires a lot of permutations and combinations before hitting that right note.

Another way can be to copy an expert’s signal into your account and build on that. You will have all that near-optimum buy/sell points, stop loss and limit values. Just modify a bit and add your innovations. This is again a direct result of having access to a large forum. A huge number or trading signals will be available, and you simply never run out of options with MetaTrader 4 Mac.

Mac Os Free Download Metatrader 4 For Macbook

  1. One place for all trades

Another feature of MetaTrader is that you can trade with not only currencies, but in commodities, stocks, precious metals and contracts. In short, you can access any global financial market from one single profile. So, do not put all the eggs in one basket, download MetaTrader 4 for Mac OS X and diversify.

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The main advantage of this single platform access is that it saves a lot of analysis time. All your updates from all the markets will come from a single software application. So, if you are trading in currencies and suddenly a stock depreciates, you can instantly take action and limit your losses.

Mac Os Free Download Metatrader 4 For Mac

Needless to say that security of MetaTrader is premium. The large user base speaks the words out for this software. Also, with MetaTrader 4 Mac, you can customize your dashboard, move around objects, select chart colors and even drag and drop tools. The software ranks high in the list of being user-friendly. Apple user or not, if your broker gives you a link to download MetaTrader, know that you have just signed in with the right brokerage firm.

Start trading today and enjoy investing!

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