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NUS Downloader (NUSD) is a PC program that allows you to download many official Nintendo Wii related files directly from the Nintendo Update Server (NUS). The program is used as a more legal alternative to directly sharing (copyrighted) Wii software.
This guide may require on some parts that you use it to download various things.
It is mostly used in the Offline parts of the guide.

First of all, download the NUS Downloaderhere.
Extract it and start it up.
Note: You may need to have .NET framework 3.5 installed for it to work.
You will get a screen like this:

To download the needed files, follow the guide that sent you to this page.
Anything you download will be placed inside the titles folder which can be found in the same folder as the NUS Downloader.

Using NUS ScriptsThrough the guide you might see downloads to various NUS Scripts. These contains data for all titles that have to be downloaded. Note that they do NOT activate pack -> wad, so enable it BEFORE loading the script.
You can load NUS scripts in the extras menu.

Save WAD As
New in v1.9 is the ability to Save your WAD on any location.
To use the save as function, first check Pack WAD, then click the small save icon on the right of the inputbox.
Then browse for the location where you want to save your WAD and give it a name. Then click save.
After this, you still need to click 'Start NUS Download!'.

Another new feature of v1.9 is the ability to patch IOS files with the Trucha Bug, ES_Identify and NAND Permissions.

First select the IOS to patch from the Database. The click the Patch IOS checkbox at the bottom. Select the patches you want and click OK.
Then you can start the NUS Download.

NUS Downloader, or NUSD, is a Windows program designed to allow easy access to the resources present on Nintendo's Update Servers.Using this tool, you can download, pack, and decrypt many system titles into WADs ready to install. Both Windows and Mac. This video was recorded with Camtasia 2: For Mac. Quicktime Player didn't really work to record the audio, as I was having problems with echo. 802.1x Configuration Guide for Mac OS X 10.8 1. This guide applies to user using Mac OS X 10.8 with 802.1x enabled network. Users have to connect the MAC OS PC to the 802.1x enabled network. NUS Downloader for downloading IOSes from Nintendo. NUS Downloader is an app for Windows PCs that allows you to download IOSes from Nintendo so that you can use them during installation of cIOSes. NUS has a variation on the ticket for a title, as do the WADs that come in discs. While they are different, the only changed values are small (ticket_id and DLC purchases). The big things like Title Key remain intact.

Below is the official online database for the NUS Downloader utility (NUSD). If you have additions/corrections to the database, please add them here. NUSD is automatically downloading the data from this wiki page. Don't forget to change the date entry (or try to delete your old xml file in order to get the new database downloaded).

The NUSD tool allows to download offical DSi firmware/system updates from Nintendo servers to a PC. It can also decrypt the files; this requires a 16-byte file dsikey.bin containing the DSi's Common key. The decrypted '.app' files are containing a regular DSi Cartridge Header (exceptions are non-executable datafiles: WiFi Firmware, Version Data, and Nintendo DS Cart Whitelist).

Nus Downloader For Mac

The source code and executable for that utility can be downloaded here, some how-to-use info can be found here. More titles may be found on Title list page (although not in the database format).


The top of the hierarchy is the database tag. Inside of this, there are 2 sub-types. When adding a title, you should chose the category which best represents the title type. They are self explanatory.

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Within the category, the details of the title can be added with the following tags.

  • <name> - The descriptive name of the title
  • <titleID> - The title ID of the title. End with XX if the title is region based. Equivalent to CartHeader[230h]
  • <version> - The decimal version(s) of the title available on NUS. Equivalent to CartHeader[01Eh] multiplied by 256.
  • <region> - The region(s) of the title available on NUS.
  • <ticket> - Boolean; whether or not the title has a ticket available. Tickets are needed for decryption, and are available only for free system files.
  • <danger> - A description of why the title could be dangerous to install/tamper with.

Enough said, here's an example...


Here is the latest database available:

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