Re: Mac I Have Downloaded Skype 2.8 For Mac


Dan, We have a G-4 MAC OS X 10.5.8 –We have an older version of Skype because the we cannot install the new version. We can make and receive calls but no video. Also crashes at login and Skype comes u.

Who doesn’t love a little bit of Skype action? If you’re a Mac user, though, Skype 2.8 Gold adds (or improves on if you were using a beta version) some awesome features like screen sharing (you can even share just a part of your screen for privacy reasons), Skype Access, and improved audio and video support. Skype Access is a way to pay for Wi-Fi hotspot access using your Skype account balance which can simplify things for those on the move we guess. Here’s a couple more updated features:

  • Improved chat management (sort chats, set priorities)
  • Quick add (self explanatory but let’s you add new people to chats)
  • Mood message chat (“it’s a bit like Twitter”)
  • Support for large profile pictures
  • Hidden avatars in incoming contact requests
  • Add notes to contacts

Re Mac I Have Downloaded Skype 2.8 For Mac

Skype 2.8 Gold is available for download immediately from Skype’s website.