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Alrighty, chapter 2 of Zero Shock is up! Not much to say. Jack's plasmids are:

Combat: Armored Shell 1 & 2, Wrench Jockey 1 & 2, Wrench Lurker 2 and Electric Flesh 2

Engineering: Clever Inventor - [gonna change it so that he's more mechanically-minded rather than having an effect on the shop.], the others are irrelevant.

Physical: Bloodlust, Booze Hound, Extra Nutrition 2 & 3, Medical Expert 3 and Sports Boost 2.

He has the six Combat Plasmids from Bioshock, except to Bioshock 2 effects (as in using E-Bolt 3 will cause a stream of electricity rather than just a burst of it).

Plasmids: Electro Bolt 3, Incinerate! 3, Winter Blast 3, Telekinesis 3, Insect Swarm 3 and Cyclone Trap 3.

Her lips pressed against his. There was really nothing else to say about what the action was, but there was a lot to say about how he felt.

Jack couldn't help but feel every detail of the girl as his hands hung limp at his side and her nails dug into the flesh that covered his jaw. For some reason, in that instant all his programmed combat instincts kicked in. Time slowed to a crawl as his mental processes accelerated. It was like someone had recorded every sensation and event in that few seconds, then played it back at half speed in that brief moment where the girl had seized him and then pressed her lips against his.

She was soft. Her lips, that is. As were her cheeks. His nose brushed against them, and in that moment he felt the heat of her face. 'Louise's hair – that silk-like mane of shocking bright pink - whispered against his ear, powered along by the breeze that surrounded them. Wind. Natural wind. It was probably the first time he had ever felt it, just like this would be the first time he had felt a girl's lips against his. The girl had closed her eyes, her brow knotted furiously as she pressed herself closer. He could feel her trembling, her shoulder shaking as a shocking current passed between them.

And then, the kiss was over.

Spluttering as his mind kicked back into 'thinking' and Jack did a double take as the girl pulled away, her cheeks as bright red as a raging Big Daddy's portholes.

She... kissed him?


His fingers came up to his mouth, and briefly brushed over the moistened patches of his formerly dry lips.

The girl's gaze were transfixed to his, both unable to break away as they stared into each others' eyes. Her irises were – unlike his dark brown shade – a bright pink, almost the same as her hair in shade. In them, he could see that she nursed hope, this all framed by confusion and a slight shock of fear.

He opened his mouth to say something, but then his left hand came alight.

No, it wasn't like Incinerate! or any of the other plasmids that he had wielded. It was like being shot, or pressing his palm against a boiling hot pipe. The back of his hand burned, and he wished it all to go away. He had held fire in between his finger. Spikes of ice had grown out of his skin, and his touch had frozen water. At one moment, his wrist had been a hive for hornets and another time – the first time – his fingers were a buzzing mass of dormant lightning. But none of that compared to the unfamiliar pain of what he felt now.

Jack hissed in pain, the snake-like sound making the people around him flinch as he clutched at his wrist, his eyes burning bright with the kick his adrenaline afforded him. He clenched his jaw tight, and slammed his fist into the ground, driving the earth down about half an inch as the runes were burned into his palm. The man – Colbert - stepped forward, concern etched on his face.

'May I have a look at your hand, young man?'

The younger of the two took a quick half-pace back, his wrench again swinging forward to guard himself, placed cautiously in front of him.

More voices. More jeers. 'How barbaric! Look at that club he's using!'

'What is he, a stone-man?' Chuckled a second.

'But... I can feel it!' Whispered a third excitedly. 'That metal... that's steel! You'd only find that kind of steel in swords!'

'Familiar!' Snapped the pinkette. 'What are you doing? Show your hand to him already!'

Jack narrowed his eyes at the girl who had been so daring only a few moments ago, and continued to speak to him that strange word; familiar. Just what did it mean? He nodded, carefully, and lowered the steel wrench, though it was not far from him when he offered the other man his hand. Kneeling down in front of him, the man reached out and inspected what had been etched onto the back of Jack's hand, scribbling down what he read off.

'Interesting... very interesting. Almost... familiar.'

One of the students groaned. 'Please tell me that Professor Colbert wasn't just trying to be funny just then.'

'Professor Colbert wasn't just trying to be funny just then.' Repeated a second, in a mock deadpan that sent a bespectacled bluette behind her book.

There were even more suffering exhalations. Jack couldn't help but smirk a little; just the feeling that they exuded made him want to smile. One of long suffering, the other of dull resignation. Those two guys now began to march to the edge of the circle, their cloaks billowing dramatically in the wind.

The professor shifted, standing up now, and then nodded to this 'Louise' character. She marched stiffly over to where the professor stood, now intensely studying the scratch-marks that he had scribbled down on a scroll. They were letters, Jack realized, but exactly what they meant still confused him. Frowning as the gathering dispersed, seemingly ignoring him, Jack began to walk away as the girl scowled at him.

'Come, Familiar!'

Back in the castle, Louise fell onto her bed and looked up at the towering figure of her familiar. She had to admit, he was rather handsome... her eyes traveled over his form, insisting that this was simply to familiarize herself with the shape and form of her summoned being. His clothes were thick and warm, although by now he had adjusted it to expose more of his skin; no doubt that he was getting hot under the collar with the weather being bright and sunny all day.

The skin itself was almost alabaster white. His arms were well muscled, and his hands were thick and strong. Her cheeks warmed slightly as she realized what she was thinking, but soon her curiosity was drawn to his fingers and palms; they were – in the left hand particularly – scarred. 'Traumatized' was the best word for it. Burns, punctures, outright craters of flesh pockmarked and covered his hands. Though his fingers moved with a dextrous deftness as he moved to secure his wrench to his waist; it was his weapon of choice, she realized, as he had a leather harness to secure it parallel to his belt, and by testing it she saw that he could perform a lightning-fast draw when he wanted to.

So... a warrior? But his bearing was too refined for that weapon! A knight? Then where was his armor? A noble? His clothes were all rags! They looked incredibly warm, and well made, yes, but... his ragged clothes were torn, burnt and stained in so many places that it wasn't funny – he was a commoner!

Louise stood back up, and flourished her hand at him, pointing at the man accusingly, she barked out a sharp question – though in her voice, she knew she heard a quaver of fear in her tone.

'Just who are you, Familiar?'

The splicer/messiah rubbed the back of his neck, and spoke. 'Jack.'


'Jacques?' She queried, testing the name for herself.

'No.' The man repeated. 'Jack.'

He sighed, which made Louise bristle with frustration, and then looked pointedly at her, which made her even more annoyed.

'Yours?' He asked, giving her time now to introduce herself.



Such bluntness... The commoner had such nerve! Louise flushed with rage, and approached him threateningly, trying to regain control of the situation, trying to reassert her authority over her familiar.

'How dare you speak to a noble like that!' She practically spat, sputtering in indignation as she pushed himself closer to him, trying to tower her five foot frame over the much more imposing familiar.

Grinding her teeth, Louise began to lash out. 'A commoner shouldn't speak like that to their better, much less when you are my familiar!'

The Familiar Of Zero First Kiss Download For Mac

Jack frowned, his gaze inquisitive as she continued to shout at him, unheeding of her anger. He wasn't cowering, he wasn't even apologetic. The man was staring off into space, completely uninfluenced by her rebukes, and Louise only got angrier as he apparently continued to ignore her.

'Hey, are you even listening to me!' She drew her hand back, her emotions driving her to strike him. Louise's slap was stopped by the backhand counter that stopped her 'punishment' cold a few inches from his face. He looked at the delicate palm for a moment, and then pushed it away.

'H-how dare you!' She was stuttering now, as Jack frowned more deeply.

At last, he spoke. 'What for?'

'What for?' Louise echoed him. The callousness of her familiar made her sputter, at a complete loss of words as she tried to find a proper word to describe just how disrespectful the familiar had been. 'You... you... cheeky -!'

'Why?' He asked again, pressing her for a reason.

Jude And Zero First Kiss

Balking at the man, she wondered at the answer for that. She had never had to answer that question before. Stumbling on her words, Louise finally settled on an answer.

'A familiar shouldn't speak so brazenly to their master!'

'Familiar?' The voice that answered was genuinely confused. Louise sighed. Of course a commoner wouldn't know what a familiar was!

She frowned, wonderingly running her eyes over his face. He was showing real concern right now. Louise sighed, and decided that some explanation was in order. Standing in front of him, with her hand on an elbow while the other pointed to the ceiling, she assumed a lecturing position that was equal parts strict and adorable. The wrist bent, so that the finger was now pointing at Jack.

'You don't know what a familiar is, do you?'

A negatory shake of the head.

'I'll explain.' She allowed. This really was an irritating day. 'A familiar is a creature summoned by magic to serve their master. They perform tasks for the master – such as retrieving reagents and ingredients for potions – as well as granting an enhancement in sight and hearing. That means that what a familiar can see, their master can see as well.'

Jack nodded. Even though she hated having to wait for the commoner to process the information, she continued on anyway.

'As well as that, the familiar has to protect their master! Now, I'm... kind of sure that you're a healthy person, but you're absolutely useless! A commoner – no, even ten - can't keep up with even a dot mage in fighting ability, so you're absolutely useless in that regard!'

Louise the Zero, getting the familiar with zero fighting ability. Just great. She could hear the insults already.

'I can fight.' Murmured Jack. He seemed... insulted? The man was affronted at having to admit his own weakness? Louise snorted at that, and simply gestured at him.

'Oh, and what kind of skills do you have, then? I can see that you're probably strong, but what proof do you have that you can fight on the same level as a mage?'

'Big Daddy.' He declared, if a little smugly.


'I killed one.' Jack explained. Then he seemed to realize something, and rectified his error. 'More than one.'

'... wait, what?' Balking at him, the young mage drew just short of scratching her head in confusion. 'So you killed an oversized father, and you're proud of it?'

The man frowned, as if confused at her derision at him having taken down a Big Daddy, and nodded. 'Very tough.'

'Oh, I'm sure.' Louise drawled. 'Tough for you, maybe, but for a dot mage a commoner is simply no match!'

This time, it was the familiar before her that took on an affronted expression. 'Hmph.'

Jack – had he been a more expressive man – would have been tearing his hair out in frustration as he tried to convey the fact that in the Rapture Food Chain, Big Daddies tended to be near the top. Splicers could not go toe-to-toe with the Protectors without suffering greatly. Especially when inconvenienced by things such as a drill that was boring through their body and sucking chest wounds from a rivet that had been launched from something of an autocannon.

In the majority of the life that he knew was real, Jack had a deep seated respect for all Big Daddies. A respect between warriors, born of the many bouts of bowel-voiding terror that shook him when a Bouncer was charging at him, drill whining in a banshee howl as the ground shook from the pounding footsteps. Or when a Rosie started emptying its rivet-gun at him as he tried to rescue the Little Sisters that they protected, each thunderclap slap of its metronome gun punching holes in bulkheads and walls, cratering wood and smashing marble as the unerring tracking of the Rosie followed him, each shot missing only by virtue of poor construction and plenty of hard cover.

But now this girl was questioning that. He frowned, wonderingly. Both of them were going to have such furrowed eyebrows after this...

'Hard to kill.' He explained again. Jack was a man of few words, and it showed as soon as the prince of Rapture retreated into a depression after killing Atlas. He had been a wordless leader, his will extended through gesture and through others. Tenenbaum had been the real leader and plotter behind Rapture's brief restoration, while he had been her enforcer and figurehead for the splicers, who looked up to the 'intruder' and 'outsider' as a conqueror and king.

His thoughts drifted away from Louise and her childish rants, off to where his friend and mentor was now. The Little Sisters... how were they faring? The Big Daddies were still around, and in massive concentrations around the orphanage. They were being better equipped now, though they were still single-minded on their task of protecting their Little Sisters. And he trusted the Splicers, now free of their mind-warping drugs, but all it took was one wrong turn, and Rapture would all go to hell and the abyss, his family included.

'Familiar! Listen to me when I am talking!'

Jack looked up. Louise was irritated and scowling at him. 'Like I said, familiar: Since you can't do anything useful, you'll just have to do menial tasks. Laundry, cleaning, things like that.'

The man seemed to consider this for a moment, and the idea that he was free to refuse the command infuriated the girl further. However, tact was a virtue for a noble, and she would exercise that same tact when it came to dealing with this impudent fool of a familiar.

Now facing her, he nodded as he weighed up the duties he would have to perform. 'I can do that.' He finally allowed.

The familiar of zero first kiss download for mac

Cheeks blazing bright red, she turned away from him.

Louise marched to a cupboard and began to undress, unclasping her cloak and throwing it across the bed. Her stockings soon followed, and the girl began to work through the buttons of her shirt – she was a bottom starter, meaning that she started with the buttons at the bottom and worked her way up. Seeing as he had been in charge of the safety and everyday needs of something in the range of dozens of young girls, Jack simply shook his head and half-turned away. She had this under control, so he wouldn't be bothered about it.

The undressing stopped, and then one, two, three articles of clothing were shuffled into. His hearing told him even before the girl spoke that she had finished. Jack still remained, though, seeing as he had no interest in that girl whatsoever that warranted he look at her. Instead, he was stretching and yawning, preparing for his own sleep.

Turning around, he arched an eyebrow when he found that the girl was in front of him, her neck craning to keep her eyes pointed the right way, the bundle of clothes in her hand.

'Well?' She asked, still flushed red as she glared at him.


'You look good?' He ventured, unsure of what to say.

'No! Not that! You're meant to complain about me undressing, or something! Then I'd be able to drive home the fact that you're a familiar! Its... unfair! Say something already!'

Jack frowned. 'I have... family.'

Louise's eyes widened slightly, and then turned into a confused frown. She was trying to 'connect the dots' with her thoughts.

'Like you.' He allowed, gesturing at her. Like her in appearance, yes. But unlike the Little Sisters, this girl was nasty. 'I am...' Jack paused, trying to find the word that even now alluded him. '... accustomed.'

'I... I see.' Louise was... embarrassed?

'W-well, now I'm going to sleep! And you make sure these clothes are clean!'

Jack frowned as the clothes were shoved into his hands. 'They are.'

'No they are not! They're filthy!'

Jack inspected the clothes once more. Louise's face flushed.

'What are you doing! ?'

Face buried in her shirt, Jack looked down at the girl that had been wearing the clothes he was now sniffing.

'They don't smell.'

'Wh-wh... you perverted familiar! I say they're dirty, so they're dirty! Now shoo! Go get them clean, and you'd better not come back until they're spotless!'

As usual, guys, please review! As with Toy Hammer (which I am still working on, although the latest chapter is a little tricky.), we have a critique-for-cameo deal. Just flip me a PM and we'll discuss. I'm not too familiar with the ZnT verse and the Bioshock verse as I am with 40k-verse, so I may be a little AU here in regards to translating game mechanics into the actual effects of the plasmids/tonics, and I may get things off with the personalities of the ZnT verse characters (which is the reason why I love having an all-OC cast, like ToyHammer's).
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Written by ICHIKO
Composed, Arranged by Riki Arai
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It begins with the first kiss
The story of us two
Casting a spell on this fate
You suddenly appeared
Lyrics from
There are two moons in the endless sky
It's an impossible thing, isn't it?
For the first time! These feelings
This place is starting to feel awfully pleasant
Lyrics from
And if you... stumble or feel down
I will tightly! always!
Hug you
Lyrics from
Not yet awake from the sweet kiss
The story of how we met that day
Come on, cast your magic
And the wish will surely come true
It begins with the first kiss
The story of us two
Casting a spell on this fate
You suddenly appeared
Lyrics from
It's always rainy around you
Love? Friendship? I begin to worry
Lyrics from
That kind of me...
Even if I get tired and turn away
You will firmly! properly!
Take me away
Lyrics from
We can't wait for just a kiss
The mystery of our love
I will gently protect you
Who closed your eyes at that moment
It burst open with the first kiss
My fluttering wonderland
Guided by this fate
You suddenly appeared
Lyrics from
If you... stumble or feel down again
I will tightly! always!
Hug you
Lyrics from
Not yet awake from the sweet kiss
The story of how we met that day
Come on, cast your magic
And the wish will surely come true
It begins with the first kiss
The story of us two
Casting a spell on this fate
You suddenly appeared

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