Ti 84 Download For Mac

Many math teachers out there at use the Texas Instruments TI-SmartView TI-84 emulator software for their classroom presentations. The software does depend on Java. Recent updates and changes to Java versions from Apple on OS X 10.6 “Snow Leopard” seem to cause some problems for the application if you don’t have the latest version. Apple moved to Java 6 with Snow Leopard and that probably broke some things for the SmartView. Latest at the time of this post is v3.2.

Ti 84 Download For Mac

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The problem came to me when a Math teacher running v3.1 had launch issues. Saw some posts in the Apple Support Forums, but that didn’t provide a fix. Texas Instruments support was clear that 10.6.6 had JUST come out (which it has) and that v3.2 was tested in 10.6.4 and was probably going to work, but no ironclad guarantees.

Few things to note: You need to get v3.2 of the software.

3.1 will not cut it no matter what I tried. The way you do that is to download the version here

Before you install the new version do the following:

1. Delete the old app in /Applications

2. Delete the directory in the users folder library relating to the 3.1 preferences: ~/Library/Preferences/Texas Instruments

Failure to do the pref directory delete kept the application launch crash going. Tech Support tells you just to remove the old 3.1 application, but I would remove the prefs as well just to be sure.

After you install and run v3.2 you can go on the 90 day trial license to get you up and going immediately. TI changed their licensing system and structure, so you will need to call them directly to upgrade your license code to the new 3.2 format.

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Ti 84 Calculator Download For Mac

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