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Unbroken Hart (2000)

Unbroken Hart [Ella Fox] on Amazon.com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. There were reasons why Dante didn't believe in love, reasons why he kept people at bay.

Unbroken Hart (2000)

About book: I truly enjoyed this book but it is nothing like the first three. This book takes you to after the fact which is nice because sometimes you wonder what happens to them after the book ends. I was worried that I would be lost when reading this book because it has been a while since I read the first three and I must admit I have read tons of books in between them too. Ella Fox did a great job at making sure you would not forget what happened in her first book. She would reminisce back to the first book and I found that I quickly fell back into remember what the first one was about. I wouldn't say this is a must read but I would recommend reading it because you won't be upset about it. i fucking love this book. It's really an amazing story. First, i thought that 'oww the story will be sad and the character will be too complicated'. And when i actually read this book, i am like OMG this book is really great. I love the plot and i love how the story begins , i love dominique character in this. I think her character is just really humanly (i don't know if humanly is actually a word, i am still learning english) . She makes mistake, and she learns a lot. I actually like the plot when she met tally. Because it tells us that she can't have a relationship with a man because her heart is already given to Dillon. And then there is a plot twist in the story, and then they meet again. I like it the scene when they meet again after long time no knowing each other and their passion and love for each other come up in the air and it's just like yeayyy for me. I read this book at 11 PM at night and i suppose to go to school the next day and this story end supprise me and i was like 'Shit, i must download the other book !'
Unbroken Hart Ella Fox Download For Mac
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Unbroken Hart Ella Fox Download For Mac

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