Where Can I Download Kaspersky Security For Mac

Antivirus software is best when you can set it up and then forget that it's there. For that reason, Kaspersky Internet Security for Mac (starting at $39.99 per year) is the best of its class,. Kaspersky Internet Security for Mac Free Trial Get a FREE, 30-day trial of our premium protection No matter how safe your Mac is against viruses, you still need to guard against identity thieves & online attacks. In addition to an effective antivirus component, however, Kaspersky Internet Security for Mac gives you secure browsing with the Safe Money tool, privacy protection components, a modicum of VPN.

Keep yourself protected with Kaspersky Security for Mac

It was long thought that Macs did not need any form of security software, but this is a myth that has now been dispelled. The need for virus protection, protection against malware, malicious web sites as well as parental controls are all important for modern computing, and all things that are provided by Kaspersky Security for Mac. The virus and malware scanning side of things is very much what you would expect, but there’s a good deal more on offer.

As is becoming increasingly common, Kaspersky Security for Mac relies on cloud-based distribution of information to ensure that the best and most up to date protection possible is provided. If other people using the software start to report that a particular file is dangerous, this will be quickly disseminated to other users so the threat can be removed from their computer if they have it.

But threats do not just exist in the form of infected files, there are plenty of malicious web sites that will either attempt to download viruses to your hard drive, or will run malicious code of their own. This is something that the Web Anti-Virus component of Kaspersky Security for Mac can help with, analyzing every web page you visit and every file you encounter online. Should anything suspicious be detected, access to the site or file will be blocked.

This works in conjunction with the URL scanner which checks for phishing web sites. There is also a handy Parental Controls component that can be used to place restrictions on how your computer is used. Concerned parents can monitor and restrict the internet usage of their children, log who they are sending message to, limit the searches they are able to perform online and much more. Excellent levels of protection are not to demanding on a system meaning that performance does not suffer.

What's new in v20 (see changelog for more)?

- Kaspersky Internet Security for Mac now prompts you to scan external drives as soon as they are connected.
- We’ve added support of Dark Mode to reduce eye strain. The application’s appearance now adapts to your macOS settings.
- New security reports are now available in the application.
- We’ve improved application performance. It now has less of an impact on the running of your operating system.
- Kaspersky Safe Kids is now included with the application instead of the Parental Control component.
- We’ve updated the application interface to make it more user-friendly.

Keeping your Mac protected, Kaspersky does an excellent job with its latest security tool.


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